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Truly unique print…. That’s what we do.

Bold statement, in an age of internet portals which deliver faceless, no support, and only transactional engagements. We exist to deliver customer service, and understanding with a blend of experience, values and pukka print.

We love working with people who have value sets similar to ours. Understand why a working relationship of understanding, and appreciation of the “craft” delivers not just a product, but something which will deliver above and beyond.

The Renaissance is just around the corner. Seriously we know this. No bullshit here. We talk to more and more people in marketing, and business, who are starting to question “the new norm”. The environment we have existed in, socially, politically and commercially has allowed “buzz fads” to lead and not be accountable. So, to some, it is just the bottom line, to the savvy it’s the return on investment.

Speed seems to have overtaken everything, instant gratification, quick fix and hit. However, can you remember, take in, and absorb important information in this environment? This has been echoed in two conversations recently

Chief Operating Executive and trustees at a board meeting (this was feedback to me by a trustee). “We are struggling to get engagement; we are getting less, and less event sign-ups. It takes more work to get people involved.” The trustee then asked the question around the “how” to the answer was “email shots, website portal entries, professional social media etc” The trustee then said, “Have you thought about targeted physical mail?” Yes, he’s a friend of ours and knows what we can do.

Another interesting conversation from a Marketing Executive who we know well “We’ve not been looking at the metrics, my manager/business isn’t bothered”

If you aren’t looking at the performance how do you know you are getting the results?

If you were in the Maclaren team, data, stats, and break-down analysis are key to tweak, change and develop. So, does this explain why this country’s growth is so stunted at the moment? Existing, rather than the desire to achieve? The definition of insanity is doing the same and expecting different results.

Thursday evening was a night out at Wilsons Republic (WR10 event), which is a creative community gathering in Huddersfield. The biggest learning from the event was the freedom of creativity. This freedom in creativity allows for the opportunity to “break the rules”, and to do something different, which is key to making an impact. Both the speakers; Dani Molyneux from Dotto and Tony Brook from Spin both ably demonstrated this break the rules and start the creativity. What was also very apparent, was that both them as skilled practitioners could transcribe this creativity into very reproducible work, or very print-savvy. Something which fresh, younger designers struggle to make happen.

Both of the above designers illustrated beautifully the impact which good design, which was considered for the mediums they were working with could truly deliver. This was backed up in conversation with Graphic Designers who knew about print, however, didn’t practise or promote print (we did talk to some who do print). The design process is all about creating an experience, helping marketers craft the journey, utilisation of different mediums is essential – both physical and digital.

We believe that the right piece of physical marketing or print can go a long way in moving on a customer journey. Everyday mundane, really doesn’t kick it now. Here are our headlines to making it work…

–           Be creative, challenge your audience, and thus be rememberable.
–           Structure and performance before making it look pretty – simple is sometimes best.
–           Be tactile and use different textures, paper has a huge range of textures.
–           Finishing and presentation, use folds in different ways, look to use different shapes of collateral.
–           Linked into the customer journey, what is the next action you want the customer/reader to do?
–           Make people talk about it.

So, if you want to be in the next wave of marketing, perhaps it’s time to revisit the “marketing mix” as we used to call it. Or the “marketing toolbox”, remember one tool doesn’t do every job.

The team at HAD-Print has over 70 years of experience between us. Ranging from magazine production, book production, commercial print, marketing agency and a lot of hands-on print experience. Harnessing digital print technologies with a wealth of experience brings a unique.

So, are you brave? Or are you mundane?

I’d hazard a guess you’re mundane, so don’t do any action after reading this.

If you’re ballsy, brave, an agent provocateur, leader in what you do – really simply talk to us.

The Other Parts Of Our Group. Part 1 – HAD-COPY.

You know us for print, and I think you’ll agree we’re pretty good at what we do here at HAD-“PRINT” as part of the HAD-GROUP. However, do you know what else we offer as part of our group of companies which may assist in helping you, your business or your organisation strive and succeed?

Over the next few weeks, we will look at the other sectors and divisions forming parts of our company group. Part 1, and a first look at our Photocopier and Printer sales division, which, although similar to our Print division here at HAD-PRINT, HAD-COPY offers businesses unique, modern and advanced solutions to their day-to-day office-based printing requirements.


Here at HAD-COPY, we aim to build great relationships with every customer we work with by listening to your needs and wants to provide quality products, solutions, print audits, and much more. 

With decades of experience and having created a reputation for delivering superior products at competitive prices without compromising our services, it proves that HAD-COPY can be the right company for you.

The team at HAD-COPY are skilled, experienced practitioners of workplace technology integration. Utilising office multi-function device, inbound mail can be scanned and digitally delivered. Remote users can all print to the same device, allowing for business efficiencies through more innovative cost control.

Yorkshire’s Konica Minolta Specialist

We are proud to say we are one of Konica Minolta’s premium partners and an independent supplier of their photocopiers and printers. This leading, well-established brand of over 150 years manufactures machines that can help you transform your working environment into a digitally connected workspace and help optimise how businesses work. These machines offer fast printing, high-quality copying, scanning to PDF, the latest tech features, and cloud printing. All these elements are great features to enable your business to grow.

As an independent supplier of photocopiers & printers, we partner with best-of-breed manufacturers to provide an exceptional product portfolio. Coupled with ancillary products and software solutions to optimise your workplace. Our product pages detail the full range of devices available.

We know any investment is a significant step for any business. So, validating the how and the wherefores is essential to ensure you are doing the right thing. We offer a no-obligation print/device audit to establish your current usage and performance of your existing equipment. We can illustrate how your proposal can work to maximise your workplace environment. This will demonstrate the efficiencies of renewing and upgrading your equipment.

Our Offices in Selby and York, cover all the local communities of North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, the Humber region and North Lincolnshire including, Barton, Bedale, Beverley, Bolton Abbey, Boroughbridge, Bridlington, Brotherton, Brough, Cleethorpes, Driffield, Easingwold, Eggborough, Filey, Gainsborough, Grassington, Grimsby, Goole, Harrogate, Hawes, Hedon, Helmsley, Hessle, Hornsea, Howden, Hull, Immingham, Kirkbymoorside, Knaresborough, Leyburn, Malton, Masham, Market Weighton, Middlesborough, Northallerton, Patley Bridge, Pickering, Pocklington, Redcar, Richmond, Ripon, Saltburn, Scarborough, Scunthorpe, Settle, Sherburn, Skipton, Stamford Bridge, Stokesley, Snaith, Tadcaster, Thirsk, Thornaby, Tockwith, Withernsea, Whitby, Womersley, Wressle, Yarm.

Our Offices in Halifax cover all the local communities of West Yorkshire & South Yorkshire including Aberford, Ackworth, Askern, Barnsley, Batley, Bawtry, Bingley, Boston Spa, Bradford, Brighouse, Burley, Castleford, Cleckheaton, Crigglestone, Crofton, Conisbrough, Denby Dale, Dewsbury, Doncaster, Elland, Featherstone, Garforth, Guiseley, Hebden Bridge, Heckmondwike, Hemsworth, Holmfirth, Horbury, Horsforth, Huddersfield, Ilkley, Keighley, Kippax, Knottingley, Leeds, Mexborough, Micklefield, Morley, Normanton, Ossett, Otley, Pontefract, Pudsey, Rotherham, Rothwell, Sheffield, Shipley, South Elmsall, South Milford, Sowerby Bridge, Stanley, Stockbridge, Swinton, Tickhill, Todmorden, Thorne, Wakefield, Wath Upon Dearne, Walton, Wetherby.

We cover the whole of Yorkshire, and many of the surrounding counties. Please get in touch for more information.

[email protected]

+44(0)333 320 86 84

No hiding… honesty is one of our values

We often get asked to competitively pitch on projects. And occasionally we say no, we’re not going to quote when we see what we’re against. We don’t do race to the bottom. However recently we’ve had feedback from an end user who showed us what was advertised and what they got. The original specification sheet and the supplied polo shirt were nowhere near a match.

What we do…

  • Our garment proposal sheets, feature clear positionals and photos of the proposed garments.
  • We only specify garments we know and trust.
  • We provide honest advice on what will work in different print and embellishment methods – some are better than others at different things.
  • Honest charging and can suggest the right breakpoints to achieve cost performance points.
  • We provide options to enhance the end-user experience – tagging and bagging or packing.

So, with the case study above, we’d ensure that a heavier-weight garment was specified to match the end user’s environment. It also takes a detailed print better. The proposed garment had opportunities for further trimming or embellishment to add value to the merchandise proposition.  We would offer an option for branded tagging, if you wanted an end-user experience to be delivered more “branded” we can recommend easily branded pain packaging to deliver within a cost budget. This packaging can also be nearly plastic-free for better environmental credentials.

If you are in a specific sector, we understand that your market audience has expectations. A good example of this is motorsport, where attention to detail, and specification of the performance vehicles is matched by the specification and detail of the apparel used. Whether two-tone garments, garments with colour panels, or piped trim, detail in print and embroidery is absolutely critical.

Part of our service is the fact we spend considerable time getting to know the products we use. Whether this is getting touchy-feely at trade shows and roadshows, getting samples in and putting them to the physical test.

Talking of physical tests… in the last year, we’ve rejected 2 items on our testing programme. These include workwear boots, which were inconsistently manufactured and the product support through wholesale and distribution didn’t match our expectations. The other was a Hoodie, which bobbled on after the second wash.

The crux is, if you value your brand, doing the right thing sometimes takes a bit of a bottle. If you are doing merchandise, think about the sales journey, reviews, product evaluations, and user-generated content is now major selling points. If you go on a race to the bottom and don’t have honest sales collateral you will get adverse responses from your valued customers, audience, followers or the better description for them – stakeholders.

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