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Jobman Workwear – first impressions

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Jobman Workwear – first impressions

We’re not gear snobs but we know what pukka is. (Ok we’re gear snobs)

One of the privileges of seeing new ranges come out, we generally jump on them, once we’ve got our little mitts on them physically.

Our wholesale channels do evolve and change their offering regularly. As they say, change happens.

One new brand which caught our eye was Jobman. As a bit of a hoodie fan, I came across one of the limited edition ones. And yes hard cash was parted with, and yes, it’s been worn a lot during the last fortnight. It’s been wonderful to see what the benchmark is on a product range, and this hasn’t disappointed me. This is the Vintage Lined Hoodie.

The detailing on this hoodie has been well thought through, functional and highly wearable. Even the inside labels state the honesty of the product, small touches like “congratulations you are now the fortunate owner of this Jobman garment, look after it and you will look at feel great at work every day”. Talking of details the seam where the body meets the hood is nicely trimmed with branded finish, the cords on the hood are not your everyday woven ones, but something more durable. The quality of the zip is robust and fit for a more challenging environment. The fact it is a zipped hoodie says workwear, purely for allowing the wearer to decide on how to climate control themselves.

Well, I’ve seriously missed the absolute “dogs whatsits” of a liner inside the garment, While some lined hoodies encompass the body and the hood, this also fully lines the sleeves, which again smacks of the brand’s quality.

So yes this is a more limited edition of a hoodie, but we also looked at the standard hood in the range and that is something above and beyond average, again the level of trim is “more than”. The workwear trousers also surpass expectations. 

So if you are a tradesperson who likes your gear. Don’t underestimate Jobman, it’s from an excellent Scandinavian background where quality is the driver, and we are assured it will go the distance in more challenging environments. In due course will have more sample stock for you to get your hands on to evaluate before ordering.

So the question is…

Worth the money – yes with an RRP at £62 it might seem excessive but the specification definitely worth it.

Wear-ability – yes mine has bee with me a lot and it really does tick the boxes.

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