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Regatta Shelford Padded Shirt – product review

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Regatta Shelford Padded Shirt – product review

Regatta Professional has a strong footprint in the workwear marketplace. With a strong presence within the outdoor market, we know them well. They’ve come a long way over the last decade and this is probably down to taking feedback and building greater market appreciation.
So this padded shirt has been evaluated by two of us in the HAD-Print cohort. Stuart and Callum.
We like to say we grab workwear and prove that it is of “Ronseal Qualities” eg does what it says it will. So having multiple of these garments “on test” in two different working locations provides for more reality in this review. Callum also works in an outdoor education centre so if it performs there you can be reassured of how well it hits the mark.

Stuart’s viewpoint….
This is a highly functional, comfortable, adaptable product which performs to expectation. The outer at first I was curious as to how hard wearing it would be, genuinely soft to the touch, 2-3 months on, and yes it’s stood up to the wear well.
Surprising point – the pockets are more than ample and provide useful places for the everyday items we all gather. 
Cuffs are nicely trimmed and specified and equally do roll up if you’re getting “hands-on”. 
Insulation with the padding is a sufficient wind stopper yet not overtly heavy to make the shirt adaptable to the climate you face yourself in.
Yes, I’ve washed this shirt and broadly after the second wash it’s faired well. Slight movement between the outer and padded section, but nothing detracts.
So value for money… the retail price on this shirt is £45 and yes it does reflect this price point, worthy of the value and performance.
Customisable – yes you can have your branding embroidered onto this garment 
Would I buy another – yes it’s a good workwear staple and combines with a working hoodie well.

So here’s for the hard work outdoor review by Callum.…

As someone who works in the outdoor industry I was sceptical when Stu sent me the Shelford Padded shirt, would it hold up? Would it be warm enough to wear? Would the otter-checked pattern still be as appealing to the eye after a few weeks of all weathers and I mean all weathers, crawling around on the floor in it, harnessing over it and putting it to the test fire lighting in it; And the short answer is yes it does. 
It’s now a key part of my work wear, whether I’m layering up on a cold sharp evening on the edge of the peaks or it’s just a jacket over the top of a short sleeve to keep me safe at work, it does both equally well, and yes it comfy, Stu would say when it comes to my work wear or my personal clothing I can be a brand snob, don’t tell him but he might be right about that. And this definitely ticks the boxes. 
Comfy around the shoulders with the light padding in the jacket just gives it that extra bit of quality. A nice size jacket gives space for you to have a few layers on under but also works well if you just need that extra layer like I do many a time when instructing in the outdoors. 
The jacket is practical as well, it’s not often I haven’t got pockets full of keys, bits of ropes and carabiners or other tools I’m using around the campsite the jacket has big enough and strong enough pockets to take the weight it needs to. 
If you want something personalised in a sensible price range that will stand the test of time then this should definitely be an option. 

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